Favourite Photo Friday: Black & White

It has been a while since I did a Favourite Photo Friday.  Today, I’ll pick up the pace a bit (hihi!)   Continue reading “Favourite Photo Friday: Black & White”


Favourite Photo Friday: 1APRIL2016

This Photo Friday is brought to you by Spring, rain, melting snow, and well.. basically water. The April showers have begun. Cool rains are washing away the remnants of this past winter, such as it was in this part of the world.  Continue reading “Favourite Photo Friday: 1APRIL2016”

Favourite Photo Friday: 11March2016

I am going back one year for today’s #FavFotoFriday, all the way back to last Spring.  Continue reading “Favourite Photo Friday: 11March2016”


Photo Challenge: Seasons

I came across a post linking to The Daily Post’s photo challenge : Seasons. Of course, I am joining that challenge! Continue reading “Photo Challenge: Seasons”


Global Warming – Réchauffement de la terre

Global Warming: is it real? Speaking with my mom recently, I learned that warmer-than-usual Christmases are not a totally new thing. She remembered a certain Christmas Day train ride home completed in the pouring rain, a full  generation ago. However, … Continue reading Global Warming – Réchauffement de la terre