In My Fridge – Dans mon frigo

The weather outside is quite dreadful, and has been for a couple of days.  Since going outside is not an option today I decided to  clean the fridge. Why not take some photos at the same time? Before I knew … Continue reading In My Fridge – Dans mon frigo


Silver Cups – Coupes d’argent

Today was another perfect day to work on some indoor photography.  I took advantage of this to photograph objects that I am considering selling.

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Photographing Objects: more!

I recently posted about Photographing Objects using some tarot cards as my test object.  In that post, I mentioned some of the improvements that I wanted to make to my home-made set up. Well, here they are!

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Photographing Objects: Tarot Cards!

My photography club is holding a seminar on product photography this week. Continue reading “Photographing Objects: Tarot Cards!”


Practice Practice Practice – que de la pratique

A blistering cold wind blows outside my windows. Despite the sun, this is an incentive to stay indoors.   Continue reading “Practice Practice Practice – que de la pratique”