Favourite Photo Friday: 1APRIL2016

This Photo Friday is brought to you by Spring, rain, melting snow, and well.. basically water. The April showers have begun. Cool rains are washing away the remnants of this past winter, such as it was in this part of the world. 

I actually went into my archives for a 2015 spring photo for this day as I have not been able to get out in the past few days.  Besides – I like this photo!

As I look at it now, I am reminded of the smells and sounds of the day I took it. I could sense with all five (or six) senses that the seasons had turned. The spring air has a certain scent and crispness, and warmth, to it that you just don’t get at any other time.  The sky is of a blue seen only in spring, the air carries with it the happy chirps of our feathered friends. On that day, you know… the seasons have changed.



Cette photo, la préférée de la semaine, est commanditée par la neige fondante, la pluie, la glace, bref: l’eau.  Le printemps s’annonce!  Le printemps 2016 laisse un peu à désirer avec ses températures et précipitations alors la photo de la semaine provient, en réalité du printemps passé.   En la regardant, les odeurs et les sons printaniers me reviennent: je peux sentir la fraîcheur dans les branches, le son du ruisseau qui coule doucement, les petits oiseaux qui chantent et le vent sur ma peau. Vive le changement de saison! 




#FavFotoFriday response to Scribbles and Musings


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