Favourite Photo Friday: 18March2016

It seems like it was only yesterday that I posted to #FavFotoFriday. It was, in fact, one week ago.

We are now that much closer to Spring. The dread of winter is behind us. Spring, growth, change and summer are before us.  There are times when nature mimics life: as winter, and the dark, come to an end, so do parts of our lives.  As some doors close, we become anxious, even desperate, to open new doors to new avenues, possibilities, and experiences.  Imagine all of the opportunities, chosen and not, that have brought us to today. The doors we ourselves have walked through, or not. Those our ancestors opened, and those they have closed. Endings make room for new beginnings.  It is time for new beginnings.

In that light, I am sharing a photo that I shot at the Moulin de la Chevrotière (Deschambault-Grondines, Qc) a few years ago.   The Mill was built in the early 1800’s by one of Quebec’s seigneuries, and restored in the 1970’s.  The ancestral mill now houses a museum, and the exhibition that offered me this photographic opportunity.

opendoors_photofriday 18march2016-7949


May the right doors open for all of us this Spring !

#FavFotoFriday response to Scribbles and Musings


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