Favourite Photo Friday: 11March2016

I am going back one year for today’s #FavFotoFriday, all the way back to last Spring. 

Last year, I made it a habit to walk along the canal almost every day.  The walk, the wind, the water and its pleasant gurgle provided a certain friendship. One day, I happened to walk in a direction I didn’t normally take and came across some graffiti on a bench. After taking a second to get over the fact that someone tagged the bench, I realized that it was a good message. Sometimes, we are way too serious, need to lighten up, and just enjoy our time.  So – for everyone who needs a break, who is too wrapped up with whatever ails them :

whysoserious_photofriday 11march2016-8978


Spring is right around the corner and I can almost smell it!


#FavFotoFriday response to Scribbles and Musings


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