Photographing Objects, or “Nature Morte”

The theme of the day for my photo club’s meeting was “Nature Morte”, or in English, we can simply say we photographed objects.

Since I had to pack up my gear and head over to the meeting hall, and a few flights of stairs were involved, I wanted to travel as light as possible. If I couldn’t carry it in one trip, it was not coming. Hence, I only had one speed light to work with ( a second is now on my shopping list). But, that’s ok: it was a good challenge.

My subject? Well…….  Since I was reminiscing about my trip to Peru, I chose to bring a few small items from my trip.

I choses to represent the mother and father god figures : Pachamama and Pachapapa. To do this, I included grains of corn (popcorn actually, the wrong type of corn, but corn nonetheless), and to set the scene I brought along a small flute, placemat with an Inca pattern, and a chalice I have which while not Peruvian, reminds me of the ceremonial Incan chalice, and my Pachacamac totem. Just as my time ran out, I found the angle I was looking for.  Since I am anxious to share it, here it is, fresh from the camera (with perhaps a minor adjustment in Lightroom).  Now, I can’t wait to have some more time and re-do this shoot with a few changes.


nature morte_perou-4382

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