Favourite Photo Friday: 4March2016

It’s Friday! And, that means it is time to post an #FavFotoFriday photo.

This week, I chose a photo I took during a short outing with a friend as Autumn drew to an end. I shot only one photo that day, but the one photo is worth a thousand words that could describe the memories made.  We drove to an area of the province I rarely go to, but should explore. The Eastern Townships, if you have a chance to go, offer breathtaking views.

For your viewing pleasure (I hope) is a view of one of the corridors of the Abbaye de St-Benoît-du-Lac in St-Benoît, Qc where we stopped for a quick view and visit to their store (the Abbaye produces wonderful home-made items and cheese).

fav photo friday-1172
Abbaye De St-Benoît-Du-Lac



#FavFotoFriday response to Scribbles and Musings

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