Photographing Jewelry: merging of two passions

Photography is all about the light – and this becomes even more evident when photographing small pieces and jewelry “just right”.

I love to make the jewelry I wear. It brings a sense of pride and accomplishment.  I decided that this hobby might also become a source of “pocket money” during my unemployed, a hopefully temporary, state.  With that in mind, and the desire to add to my photography portfolio, I picked a number of pieces to part with and set about photographing them.

As before, I had to improvise with the materials that I have at home – no fancy lighting tents or light tables here. My black and white foam core boards will have to do, as will my soft box and speed light.  I also decided to include an element of reference in some of the shots to provide an idea of size of the pieces: what’s better than a tape measure?

Here are some of my shots with the pieces set up on small stands from the craft store and displayed on the foam core backgrounds.   I’ll be getting some additional boards next time I hit the discount store to create a “cloths line” with thread. The idea will be to hang the pieces, earrings especially, rather than lying them flat.

Oh yes – One of my pieces sold within minutes of posting it! Must be the great photo…..




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