Photographing Objects: more!

I recently posted about Photographing Objects using some tarot cards as my test object.  In that post, I mentioned some of the improvements that I wanted to make to my home-made set up. Well, here they are!

With the day’s tasks done, and the weather outside unstable, working on indoor projects is the thing to do today. The exception:  a quick trip to the discount store to get a few items:

  • velcro (with the sticky back)
  • coloured scrapbook heavy-weight sheets
  • coloured plastic document holders

My home made photo box is meant to stage my objects only.  To make it, I cut approximately one-inch lengths of the velcro.  I attached the “softer” side to the foam core pieces, uncut, that will become the “sides” of my box. The rougher pieces will act as a hinge to secure the sides to each other.

As the backing will likely fall off the strip I use to join my two sides, I will likely find a piece of cloth (because it will be pliable) to replace it and avoid sticky situations.

I decided not to velcro the bottom piece – it’s not really necessary. I can then set up the items I want in my new box :


Now I can have some fun!

I decided to use an orangey coloured paper to place my miniature glass on; and, to accentuate the orange colour, I picked an orange, plastic document holder to place in front of my speed-light (in lieu of a proper colour gel to remain on budget). Since I decided that I wanted a light source close to the glass, I went with the speed-light instead of the Metz flash heads. I also wanted to challenge myself with using only one light source, the speed-light. Make that two light sources if we count my over-head light.


Now that I have had my fun, up-loaded my photo, written this… I can fill the glass with a little something, sit back…. and think about how I will improve on this project.

Cheers !






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