Memories : Panama / Souvenirs du Panama

Six years ago, I had the chance to cross one more item from my bucket list of places to visit. Panama.  I was also lucky that my “BFF” and her family lived in this country’s central province, although we did not call good friends BFF’s back then.

A pending visit with my friend’s family prompted me to review my photos from the trip over the past few days.  Although I had learned a few more digital photography skills between Peru and Panama, I still had a way to go to get the best from that camera. I also admit that during both trips, I was also overwhelmed with just being there and that that affected my good photographic judgement.  I can see where I could have made a better shot. But, they remain a perfectly good momento of a perfect trip  that meant the world to me.

If you are thinking of visiting friends far away, my advice to you is to JUST GO. You never know what life may bring, and what opportunities might never come again.  My only regret about Panama is not having gone before, or more often.


Il y a maintenant six ans, j’ai eu la grande chance de visiter une région du Panama peu fréquentée par les touristes, et une grande amie.  Le retour au Canada de un de mes amis latino-américain m’a incité à revoir mes photos de voyage que je partage maintenant avec vous.   

En regardant mes photos, je deviens nostalgique et un peu triste: la vie m’a offert qu’un seul voyage à ce majestueux pays, et la chance de revoir un être cher avant son départ de notre réalité.  J’offre donc un conseil : profiter des belles opportunités de passer du temps avec vos êtres chers!  


3 thoughts on “Memories : Panama / Souvenirs du Panama

  1. Panama is a wonderful place to visit or live. If your a fan of old churches, next time you’re here stop in Natá on your way to Santiago. Natá has the oldest operating church in the Americas built in 1522. Very cool place and the doors are always open.

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    1. I definitely want to go back! I did not get to visit a lot of the country while I was there, given my purpose of the time, but have a mental list of things to do and see next time. I am more a fan of the architecture and the history. We did stop between Santiago and Panama City for the night, I’ll have to ask where as I have now forgotten. Next time, more coffee plantations, more jungle, more historical sites, well, more of everything.

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      1. Oh I just remembered looking at the map! We stopped at Penonome! Super cute little hotel on the road side, lovely breakfast. Oh the memories looking at those photos!


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