Favourite Photo Friday: 19Feb2016

One of the blogs I love to read is Scribbles & Musing’s Favourite Photo Friday.   The readers’ participation is awesome.  Photographers take (or “make”) a photo because they just want to and love it. Sharing that photo also brings joy, allows others to learn from you, and  you to learn from them, scary as that might be sometimes.

Onto my favourite photo Friday!  I decided to pick two photos showing a bit of winter. While I am not complaining at all, winter has been scarce this year in this part of the country.  I was, however, very happy to be driving a 4×4 when I went to take the black and white photo shown here. I had to “invent” myself a parking spot and almost got stuck. I went through enough trouble to take this shot that I must share it.  (Note to self: my next vehicle needs to have higher clearance).






One thought on “Favourite Photo Friday: 19Feb2016

  1. Love your winter photos! I happen to be sort of fond of winter…and for the most part enjoy some snow in the winter. Granted I am happy I have a 4-wheel drive vehicle as well!


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