“Liebster Award”: and a few words about PhotoIsabelle

The “Liebster Award”, as I have come to understand, is awarded by one blogger to another. Today, I noticed that this little blog has received one! 

Thank you for the nomination Café Ludwig and the kind words you expressed regarding my site. I have not been following many sites lately, my focus resting primarily on mundane things, such as employment searches and related activities.  Hence PhotoIsabelle has few followers, and follows few, for now. This does make me feel a tad guilty that I cannot participate fully at this time, but perhaps this nomination will see some increased activity?

There are a few blogs that I do follow on WordPress that I could nominate here for an award, however having already nominated them on my other blog in the not too distant future, I will refrain from completing that part of the assignment at this time.  Tho I could nominate you back….

Le prix “Liebster Award” en est un qui est donné à un blogueur par un autre. Et, je vois que mon site fur récemment nominé pour le prix. Merci à Café Ludwig pour l’honneur! L’idée est de nominer d’autres site, et répondre à des questions qui nous sont posées par notre nominateur.  Les questions que j’ai eu sont détaillées ici bas en anglais seulement. 

The questions posed by Ludwig, and my replies are as follows are noted below. Through these, the few follows I have for the moment can get to know PhotoIsabelle a bit better!

My questions

  1. How long does it take you from the moment an idea pops up to pushing the Publish button?  A: It depends on the post and if I translate it or not. Typically, a one paragraph post in two languages, with a handful of photos, can take about a half hour. It really is difficult to say as I am often doing other things at the same time such as cooking breakfast, feeding the cat, cleaning the litter….
  2. How much time do you spend online in a typical week? A: On this blog, a couple of hours on average.
  3. What other passions do you have besides blogging?  A: Photography!  The primary reason for PhotoIsabelle is to showcase some of that work, according to inspiration. I love being able to provide friends with a photographic souvenir of important life moments, weddings, baby showers, birthdays…. etc. I love recording a moment that will never come again.  It’s recording history.  I also love solving problems for my clients, bringing them solutions after doing a needs analysis and investigating options. I enjoy organizing events and making all the pieces of that puzzle fit together, especially if the event pertains to bringing learners and learning together, or serves a community purpose of sorts.  I am actually hoping that my next position will relate to either photography in some way, or event/project management in an educational setting.  Or, something close to that where my skills can be useful.  Or, event better, can combine marketing, event management, promotion AND photography!  I am open to new adventures!
  4. What do you value in blogs you read? A:  The informative value – did I learn something new reading it?  Did it make me think about something in a new way?
  5. How often do you carry a camera with you? A: I almost always have a camera with me – you never know what great photographic opportunity can present itself.  (see the shot below)
  6. Are pictures more or less important than the story in your posts?  A: for this blog, they are the raison d’être.
  7. How long have you been blogging? A: one year
  8. Do you have more than one blog?  A: I only have one blog dedicated to photography. My first blog is a collection of reflections on everything under the sun from recipes, random thoughts, to philosophical discussions.
  9. Have you bought any art from an individual artist online? A: No, I tend to create my own art which I am working towards making available for sale soon.  That does not mean I never will…
  10. What means do you use to follow blogs, computer, tablet, smartphone? A: both compter and smartphone. I prefer the computer however -much easier to post.  I do tend to read more blogs on my phone during travel – as long as I am not driving of course!


The Photo:

To finish-off, since this is a photo site, I am including one of my favourite photos from 2015, which also demonstrates the advantage of always having the camera with me.  I almost did not bring Canon with me on the day I shot this. I just wanted to go for a walk, but thought “Ah, I’ll bring the camera in my sling bag, just in case.” I am thrilled that I did. The scene was so beautiful I actually wiped a tear from my eye.

“Going south”, Rivière Richelieu, Qc.



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