It has been a few years since I set foot in this beautiful country, but since I loved the experience so much I thought to create a gallery on this site with some of those shots.   It is also a record, for me, of how I have evolved in my photography. 

At the time I went to Peru, I was just getting back into photography. Actually, this trip was a major incentive for me to pick up a camera again! I acquired a Canon G10, the best smallish camera I could afford, about a week before the trip and learned to use it on the fly.  I regret not knowing more about the camera, or digital photography, at the time (I previously used film cameras).  I also, sadly, lost a few photos to that nameless software I used at the time and the use of jpeg vs raw.  I do have, at least, a print album in my storage with my favourite shots from the trip, as well as a framed photo of one of the many markets I visited in my living room.

I wish that the first quarter of 2016 will have me employed again, and sufficiently so allowing me to save up for a repeat Peruvian adventure!

Enough said…

Peru, October 2009:







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